I am a professional freelance artist based in the South-East, UK. Four years ago I changed tracks in my career. I had built a reputation as a sculptor and ceramist and felt the need for new challenges. The potentials of digital media had become increasingly alluring and engaging to me as fields in which creative ideas can flourish in new and exciting ways. I decided to train further, and took an MA in 3D Animation at Bournemouth University. Animation and film are now central to my work.

I work with a variety of clients on projects making idents, promotional films, motion graphics, info graphics, 3D visualisation and other animation and film. I also work in other areas where creative input is required by organisations, such as branding, design, and illustration. The work is always created in close collaboration with clients where excellent communication skills, with regular critical feedback is crucial. The conceptual knowledge and aesthetic skillset I have built brings a refined and unique vision that infuses the creative output of these projects.

To hear more about my recent projects and news visit my blog. Or feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss possible collaborations.

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