Landscape Architecture showreel for terra firma

This is the conclusion of several months working as a freelance artist for terra firma Landscape Consultancy who are based in Petersfield, UK and have off-shoot offices in London, Vilnius, and Dubai. 

I filmed on location on various sites in the South East, and created two CG visualisations of other sites (skip to 2:30 to see). These visualisations were steep learning curves for me, as the significant amounts of grass, plants, bushes and trees presented significant challenges within Maya. However, I must give credit to Alex Alvarez of the Gnomon workshops for giving comprehensive tutorials on this subject enabling me to push ahead fairly capably. The final results I am please with. I would liked to have had more rendering capacity, but the intensity of the scenes with instanced grass and trees and proxy files ultimately involved billions of polygons and in the time and budget available a beauty pass, with depth was all that could be completed.

I could go into a much more indepth explanation but other work must prevail. If you would like to know more drop me an email.  

Film of just the CG work to follow.