Ardgowan Whisky - New Distillery Visualisation

A commission to create four images of a planned new whisky distillery and visitor centre in Inverkip, Scotland has recently gone public following the success of their planning application.

The brief required four images, two of the exterior showing the building within the landscape and two of the interior showing distillery plant equipment such as stills and washbacks. The client wanted to emphasise the rugged landscape, to show people enjoying the environs of the centre.

I imported the clients 3d CAD files and used a mixture of 3d and 2d workflows to create the final images.

UEFA Champions league Final 2018 - Visualisation of players using 3d scans

I worked for Repronauts 3D Creation Labs on this project. Repronauts 3d scanned each player, capturing photographic and infrared data together with the point cloud of each player. My work, within Maya involved a range of tasks. The simplest was creation of normal maps using hi-res and low-res meshes provided. I also tidied up geo where inaccuracies or errors had occurred in the scans (mostly around the eyes), and then helped overview their accuracy in the finalisation of each player where texture & form were checked against photographic references.

The work was commissioned by Uefa, who then offered it to tv media across Europe for use in the hours prior to the match. Unfortunately BT Sport did not have the personnel with skills needed to use the data bundles involved and therefore declined the offer. Hence we didn't see these graphics in the UK. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and various other Eastern European countries did show the work.

Promotional visualisation for startup company 'Gravitricity'.

A PR agency contacted me to create a promotional image for an exciting start-up company with a very simple idea for storing energy. The idea is that energy is stored as potential using a very heavy weight suspended in a dis-used mineshaft. The energy goes into the plant when it is lifted to the surface, the energy is released when electricity is generated as it is lowered into the shaft. They wanted to show the scale of the plant, in a suitable urban edge environment - i.e. low value land. 

The promotion received great coverage in many different places. I wish the good people of Gravitricity every success in gaining the rest of the funding the require to realise the first working plant.

Click here to see the article in 'the engineer'.


Banging on about Mash

Finally I arrive at artist friendly interface and workflow with Maya. This combined with some of the stuff I have already learnt has put me in a position where I am realising stuff that I really want to do is at my finger tips rather than off in some obscure place in the far distance that I will need to fight tooth and nail to get to. Here is the first test of a scene. I built the gallery space some time back. Since getting to grips with the mash node, I have now opened a pandora's box of possible objects, collections, arrangements, growths and who knows what else to put within it. 


New Showreel 2017

It's taken a lot of time, in-between jobs, and after normal working hours getting this out this year but now I am pleased to say it is completed. Included are some personal projects and some clips from commissions or collaborations.